Mammoth Hot Springs: Yellowstone National Park

One of the main attractions that Yellowstone is known for are the hot springs that dot the entire park. The brightly colored bacteria, or thermophiles, create a very attractive scene to look at. Scientists have flocked here for years to study and take samples of the microscopic wonders that are found almost nowhere else in the world.

Being located right by the north entrance to the park, we were super close to Mammoth Hot Springs. Mammoth is just a few miles from the north entrance so it is normally the first place people stop to visit and explore.  I recommend getting up early to try and beat the crowds, especially during the summer time. We went mid-morning and there were already tons of people walking around the area.

When you arrive there are two parking areas: one at the bottom of the terraces and one at the top. Most of the time both parking lots are full. I suggest parking down by the town area. It’s not too far of a walk up to the terraces and it will give people that are handicap or that have a hard time getting around a place to park.

Once you are all parked and ready to go the fun begins! The area has a boardwalk that you can walk on, and there are trails that go back farther into the woods with other formations to looks at as well.

I am a person who loves photography so this place was heaven on earth for me. All the bright colors kept my head on a swivel looking for the next good shot.

The view at the top was pretty spectacular too.

Hang in there little fir tree!

After exploring the thermophiles we traveled down to the town area to eat lunch and use the restroom. This sign wasn’t kidding.

There was an elk family chillin right in the middle of town!

Overall I would have to rate Mammoth Hot Springs 3 1/2 stars

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