I Lost My Pants

One of the things I have learned over the years is that I just have bad luck wherever I go. This past week my misfortunes struck again, but in a comical way. I was in Michigan with my family on our annual family fishing trip and mom and dad let me bring along my bestfriend. He has fished his whole life and so have I so the first day we arrived at the lake we went out fishing together.

The first night we caught plenty of fish, but forgot a basket or a stringer to put them in. That was no big deal. The next day was when my clumsiness got the best of me.

We were out on the boat about 5 or 6 in the evening and we weren’t catching anything. After about an hour and a half of nothing I decided to take a break and just lay out in the boat, because if the fish weren’t biting at least I could get a small tan.

I wore my bathing suit so I took off my shorts and tank top and used them as a pillow to put behind my head. The paddle was kind of in my way so I tried to move it, but flipped it in the water instead. Once I got it situated in the boat I closed my eyes to take a little nap while my friend fished.

After a while it was time for supper so we pulled anchor and I put on my shirt then looked around for my shorts. After not finding them where I originally placed them I asked, “Do you see my shorts anywhere?” He replied, “No, are they under the seat?” We combed the whole boat and no pants.

I sat there thinking for a minute and then remembered the paddle falling in the water. We looked over the edge and nothing. “They must have sunk,” he pointed out. At that point I just busted out laughing. This, of course, would happen to me. The first time my friend comes on vacation with my family, I lose my pants.

We laughed for a bit and then headed to shore. Another thing I have learned over the years is that for every fishing trip, you always bring back a story to tell, even if it’s not about fish.

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