Canoeing on a Blustery Day

As the weather keeps getting colder, the fewer outdoor activities there are to do. Thankfully for one of them it is never too cold to do in my opinion. That, my friends, is canoeing. A few weeks ago several of my friends and I went canoeing at Turkey Run State Park. It was windy, but we all still had a really good time. My blanket stopped the wind from reaching me when I stuffed it under my life jacket.

We had a little fun before heading out…

Once on the water Brandon and I got ahead of the crowd to take in the views more fully. The river was easy to navigate so we took our time paddling down the river and taking pictures.

Turkey Run is especially pretty during the fall. At one point it started to get really windy and of course, perhaps due to my bad luck, we were out in the middle of the river. I quickly put my camera away in its Ziploc

















bag and helped paddle against the wind.

Our canoe started rocking really roughly and at one point I could have sworn we were going to flip. Thankfully, though, the wind died down a bit and we were able to continue on down the river.

At the end of our trip we docked our canoe and drug it up the muddy slope. There was a bridge going across the river so we decided to check it out. The view looking out from the bridge was beautiful.

The rest of our group soon caught up and we got to watch the show as everyone tried to dock their canoes at the same time in the little area that was available. It was quite hysterical watching as one canoe missed the bank and continued down river, while another flipped theirs into the freezing water.

After everyone was on shore, some a little wetter than others, we all went back and had a feast of sandwiches, veggies, and various sorts of chips. All in all, it was a pretty swell day.

Before you leave, share a time when you went canoeing in the comments below!

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